Week 36 – Some food, some funny

There is never a shortage of (new) things to do in Dubai. While it’s easy to get sucked into a routine and do the same things week in and week out, it really is easy enough to break out of that mould and enjoy new and interesting things to do – if you spend just a little time looking around for them.

Take for example my new things for the week… a new restaurant (it’s actually been around for longer than I’ve lived here, but I’ve never been to it), a stand-up comedy event (again, been going for years and years but I’ve never made it there), and a new bar (I think this one is actually fairly new in the area).

Frankie’s, located in Al Fattan Tower, JBR

Now, while I’m a lover of all things food, I don’t actually know much about the big fancy chef names behind the food – and we have a plethora of them here in Dubai – so I wasn’t familiar with the names behind Frankie’s (sorry!!!). However, we were after a fancy night and apparently these guys know how to do that, so Frankie’s it was πŸ™‚

And these guys did not disappoint!

Warm aubergine (involtini de melanzane) for starters, and chicken ravioli (ravioli ripeni di pollo, fonduta di taleggio, funghi di bosco – try saying that out loud!!!!) and seafood taglioni (padellata al frutti di mare) for mains. YUM!

The Laughter Factory, Movenpick, JBR

We then moved on to some stand-up comedy at The Laughter Factory. These guys run a stand-up comedy night that runs for a few weeks at a time, changing venues around Dubai each week… I guess to make it easily accessible to as many people as possible.

If you’re looking for some side-splitting, spit-your-drink-out-your-nose kinda laughing, then I urge you to check out the next Laughter Factory date and get yourself some tickets! This will definitely become a regular feature in my life!

JB’s bar, JBR (kinda nice ring to it, hey?!)

Time for a nightcap and JB’s provided it perfectly. Bustling little bar, but not so busy that you can’t get a drink; decorated brilliantly; decent music; some cute little touches. The kind of place that could be ‘the local’ πŸ™‚


Summer Running Recap

I was pretty quiet through the summer – at least, on here I was, but out there I was pounding the pavement as often as possible, making sure I kept up my runs, sweaty and difficult as they may be.

It’s not easy running through the summer in the desert where temperatures are constantly above 40Β ΒΊC, and humidity rising to 100% (yes – that happened last weekend!), but I do enjoy getting out there and continuing to run.

The runs become less frequent, shorter and slower, with many walk breaks, but they never stop…

So, with the temperatures now starting to drop ever-so-slightly, I thought I’d share a recap of my summer runs as I start preparing for the 2017/2018 running season – I’ve already registered for 2 races with a few more on the horizon!


June was the quietest month with only 37km’s run in total.


July was also fairly quiet with only 42.5 km’s, but 2 of those runs were on holiday in South Africa, and one of them on holiday in Mauritius!


August was a much better month as I started getting back into the swing of things, holiday mode off, and running regularly with running buddies – a total of 72.4 km’s run! πŸ™‚

Week 35: Getting a degree!

It’s official – I am a student!

A few weeks ago I sneakily mentioned in one of my posts that I had registered for a degree…. and finally my books and student card have arrived, and things start getting real now!

I’ve chosen to do a BA in English. I’m a huge lover of the language and reading, and all things English, so with this course being very diverse and not focusing on just literature or language, it fits very well with my interests.

I have set up my study schedules – the next 22 weeks are full on with studying before I have to submit my formal assessment papers… and then it’s some additional revision and study time before exams in May. YIKES!