2019 Week 2 – Green fingers

From snow to the desert….

It seems rather silly that at my age I actually get to include something like ‘planting grass’ as a something new, but when I’ve spent most of my life living in apartments, or in houses that came with the landscaping all done already, then yes… I do get to say that this past week was the first time that I planted grass šŸ™‚

When I moved into my new apartment, it came with these gorgeous bougainvillea plants. Not knowing much about caring for plants, they ended up almost dying… but I managed to bring them back to life (yay me!) Then one day I was walking through the store looking for shears (to care for my bougainvillea!) and I saw a packet of ‘cat grass’, which is meant to attract the cats and be good for their digestion, as well as aiding in helping my plants grow. Win. Win. So I bought it too. And planted some seeds in my garden in some of the gaps.

I also bought a sunflower-in-a-can, which has started germinating beautifully, and as soon as it’s ready I’ll be transporting it from the can into my garden!

This is the sunflower-in-a-can… soon to be in the garden šŸ™‚

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