Week 41 – 5km PODIUM!

It’s racing season again in Dubai 🙂

I started the season with a 10km race out at The Sevens Stadium, which I completed in pretty much the time I expected to. I hadn’t given myself any unrealistic goals for that race being the first one after recovering from my injury earlier in the year. Happy start to the season.

Race two then popped up – and I decided to drop my distance down to just a 5km and see how fast I could do it. I know that I’m fully capable of getting under 30 mins (I sit quite comfortably at about 28 minutes on a training run / part of a longer run), so this was going to be smashing out a 5km at best pace.

Unfortunately the couple of weeks leading up to the race were a bit off for me so going into the race I was still eager to get as close to 26 minutes as possible, but wasn’t going to be silly about it and risk an injury this early in the season.

So, the night before was the obligatory pasta dinner, off to bed early and up bright and early with a peanut butter and jam sandwich for fuel (plus a couple of gu’s once at the venue).

The race went really well – with it being only 5km’s it doesn’t take many times of looking down at your watch to check your pace before you’re turning around and heading home – it seems to go really quickly! I was keeping really good pace for the first 3 km’s but at about 3.5 I got a terrible stitch in my side… I tried to run through it but ended up having to walk for about 20 seconds until a girl I’d passed at the start of the race overtook me and I wasn’t going to let her finish before me!

I managed to get back in front of her with a few 100m’s to go and pushed hard across the finish line – to finish in a time of 26:33… and grab myself a spot on the podium in SECOND PLACE!

I’m now considering doing another 5km at the end of the season and see if I can get a 25-(something) minute finish time…

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