Week 23 – F.R.I.E.N.D.S and friends

I’m a little late in posting my something new this week, sorry… it’s been a pretty busy week with lots on the go!

My something new that I’m sharing with you took place on Friday night.
My friends V&A invited a bunch of true die-hard Friends fans over to their place to play a Friends boardgame.

That’s right – a board game dedicated to the amazingness that is Friends 🙂

And this game truly is for die-hard fans… some of the questions are impossible to answer without the help of Google (of course, you don’t get any points for doing that 😉 ), and some of them are just plain hilarious and you get to enjoy watching some snippets from some of the best scenes in the series.

How the game works:

There’s a board…

… with the usual dice, movers, playing cards etc.

And then there’s the DVD… which means you obviously need a laptop / DVD player (say, whaaaat???), and a TV to play the game. Then once you’re all set up, you simply follow the instructions – roll the dice, answer a question (which is often played on the DVD), and move the appropriate amount of blocks if getting it right… and of course, first one to the middle WINS!

In our case, we played in teams of two players… and Vasi & I WON!!!



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