Week 19 – Dining in the dark

The date night where you can’t see your date, or your food 😉

A while back I bought a voucher online for Dine in the Dark since I’d never experienced it, and this week J and I finally made it there – and what an experience it was! I’ve had very little something new on the go for the last few weeks and this just totally made up for all that loss! It was the best fun!

On arrival, you’re sat outside and brought a welcome drink, and the waiters then walk around to everyone reconfirming dietary requirements etc. and once everyone has arrived, they give a little talk on how to proceed for the night. A quick stop off at the washroom and you’re then led into the restaurant IN PITCH BLACK!

You’re led in by a waiter who’s wearing night vision goggles, and your group follows in, in single file, with hands on one another’s shoulders because you literally cannot see a single thing inside there! They show you to your seat, assist you in sitting down, and keep going until everyone is seated.

And that’s when the fun starts!

You are now given a ‘tour’ around the table in front of you as you feel your way around, trying really hard to not knock anything off the table (!) and they then start bringing out the food, and guiding you around your plate for the first course.

While most people will follow the common sense plan of action and use a finger to gently guide food onto their fork or spoon, I personally found it a lot easier (and so much more fun!) to actually just use my hands 🙈 Needless to say this brought many giggles, a few squeals as I touched something gooey, and lots of very careful concentration to not spill anything down the front of my top! I loved every second of it! 😀

All in all you go through 4 courses which include paired drinks – again a challenge in itself to not miss your my mouth! (Un)fortunately for the last round, the dessert, I literally had to use my spoon because it was ice cream! But it was my favourite because one of the spoons I managed to get into my mouth had POP ROCKS in and I had the best giggle as I let them pop in my mouth… and then even more fun as I tried to find more of them (yes, using my hands 😉 )

Of course, it was far too dark to take any photos, but once everyone is finished with their meals, they let us out and have a display of the food that we had eaten… and you can see how right (or wrong) you were in guessing what you were putting in your mouth 🙂 I was mostly right, which I was quite impressed with because I know that I’m not very good at recognising foods or flavours!

This was really one of my most favourite experiences ever and I highly recommend doing this! I will definitely be going back!


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