Week 16 – Le Petit Belge

Scraping the barrel a bit here guys, sorry! As soon as exams are over, life will be different as I’ll have time to commit to getting out there and doing / finding new things every week. I promise!

So for this past week, J and I tried out a new restaurant, which means it’s something new. Unfortunately though, it really wasn’t a great restaurant so I’ve very little to say about it. Not even sure I’d consider it a ‘date night’… just a night out, feeding our tummies 😉

Le Petit Belge – the newly opened, ‘unpretentious’ (according to their website) Belgian restaurant at Double Tree Hilton in Business Bay. And why do I put unpretentious in inverted commas, you ask? Well, because they are exactly the opposite of that… no matter how hard they’re trying to not be.

We were there on a Tuesday night, and while yes, it is a week night, we were pretty much the only table in there. Might have even been the ONLY one. We’d been sitting for 5 seconds (almost literally), during which we were approached by 3 different waiters to take our order. Each time we sent them away, saying that we needed a minute – they must have been quite bored that they got so excited by seeing us walk in?! Anyway, we scoured the menu (pretty exorbitant prices for an ‘unpretentious’ place), settled on our choices and placed our order.

I decided to go for a whole whack of trying out new things.

Cherry-flavoured beer (Kriek Belle-Vue)

It was very tasty – kinda like drinking a cherry-flavoured soda – although I’d probably not be able to have too many in one sitting as it would end up very sweet.

And then ‘bangers and mash’ (Stoemp et saucisses) for my meal:

This was very yummy – especially the onion sauce!

J’s meal, hiding at the top of my photo, was the Steak tartar.

Maybe on a busier night, or during happy hour (which we missed by about 15 minutes) it will have more of an atmosphere and vibe… let’s hope so!


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