Week 14 – Soho Garden brunch

I’ve not been brunching for quite some time now because I have generally been trying to use Friday’s as study days since I can get in a good 5 or so hours and then still head out in the evenings and have some social life 🙂

And then my friends invited me to a birthday brunch that started at 4pm – now this was exciting! I could still get in my nerd-study time, and head out for a birthday celebration with friends, all in one day!

I had never heard of Soho Garden and it ended up being rather confusing on arrival – not even the security guard knew where I was supposed to go. He kept telling me that Soho Garden only opened at 8pm… and I kept showing him the photo of the flyer that I had which clearly showed it opened at 4pm. Eventually after a bit of back and forth he pointed me in the right direction and I found my way over and found my friends!

The place is done up really funky and I think it has a lot of potential, but it was very quiet – and that probably has something to do with it being very unknown, and people thinking that it only opens at 8pm.

But, we were a big enough crowd to make our own fun and atmosphere, so that’s exactly what we did 🙂

The food was absolutely delicious – I highly recommend the mashed potato side order; they say it’s for 2 people but one person could very easily smash that in their faces! It is to die for!

The rest of the afternoon was enjoyable enough – good music, great service from our waiter and fun had by all of us… they probably just need to get a bit more advertising out there as it remained very empty the entire time we were there.


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