Week 13 – Paintball!

In need of a stress-reliever?

Want to take out some frustration on your colleagues, without any ‘real’ harm done?

Feel like being a war hero for a few hours?

Or just feel like picking up a gun and being able to shoot at people / objects and not suffer any lasting damage consequences?

Then head on over to Pursuit Games, located at the Jebel Ali Shooting Club, for an action-packed paintball experience!

I recently organised a paintball social event for my work and it was such a brilliantly fun evening! Everyone got right into character; donning the (supplied) overalls and masks, and some of the guys upgrading their guns to ensure they got the most out of the game!

We had the venue booked for 2 hours. These 2 hours cover your arrival, changing into gear, a debriefing, and then 4 games of approximately 10 – 12 minutes per game, with a few minutes in-between to catch your breath, be given details on the next game, and formulate a team plan on how to approach the game.

Each game that we played had a slightly different goal to it which kept things really fun and interesting, and we got to move between 2 different courses to change things up a bit. Unfortunately, the overall winning team was NOT my team 😦 but the night was really great fun, and enjoyed by absolutely everyone!


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