Week 10 – Bah humbug

I’m really starting to feel the pressure of finding (new) things to do each week… life has this funny way of becoming ‘routine’, and when you throw in there all the studying I’m trying to get done during the week, while still allowing myself some sliver of a social life – well, there just isn’t much time / energy / motivation / excitement about doing ‘new’ things each week. Lying on the couch and watching mindless repeats of Friends is my ideal way of spending any free time that is not taken up by studying, going out for the usual weekend drinks, or just enjoying some chill time with J (and he really dislikes Friends so this has to be done on my own… I know, right?! Who dislikes Friends???) 😉

Anyway, with all that rambling aside, what I’m trying to get at is that this past week has left very little in the eyes of ‘something new’, so I’m gonna stretch things out a little here…

Dave went to a housewarming party with me on Friday night – a party where we had live music from a local well-known Irish dude – and this was the first time that Dave had been around this music, and he even got to play the guitar… so that’s new, right, even if it’s not entirely new for me?!


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