Racing on the sidelines

As a runner, it’s never easy to know when to say No to a race (actually, it’s easy to know when, it’s the actual saying No that’s the problem!)

I’ve been sidelined for the last few weeks (and will be for the next who-knows-how-long!!!!) due to my hip injury (tendinitis) so have had to just watch two races that I would have normally run in 😦

I thought I’d share these race experiences with you (including my morning out at the Dubai Marathon) to a) make myself feel better by remembering the fun that I had while watching them; b) help any of you injured runners out there… know when to say Yes to Rest and take a moment to enjoy it from the other side πŸ™‚

  • Dubai Marathon – 26 January 2018

There was no forced sideline watching of this race; I’m still undecided as to whether I’ll ever run a marathon or not. But that didn’t stop me from heading out bright and early on this morning to go support friends and team mates, smashing out their races!

  • Mushrif Park 2XU Run Series – 3 February 2018

This was another race that I managed to get a bunch of my colleagues entered into – they’re really enjoying this ‘fitness’ thing that I’ve brought to the company πŸ™‚ Unfortunately though I had to pull out, but I went along in the morning anyway to get them sorted out and to show some support – which was totally worth it as we got 4 podiums over the different distances and age categories!

Work mates!

  • RAK Half Marathon – 9 February 2018

Well this one just brings tears to my eyes πŸ˜₯ This was to be my sub-2-hour half marathon. I was soooooo close in December and I know that I would have smashed it on this flat course. But the running gods obviously have something better in store for me (can only hope, right?!) and this year I watched from the sidelines, once again supporting my team mates and watching the elites just smash out some incredible finishes. At least I still got to enjoy a lovely weekend away πŸ™‚


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