Week 5 – Tribeca

Time for a night out with the girls!

Eating, drinking, chatting… a perfect combination for a group of girls on a Thursday night – and even better when it’s a package deal that doesn’t break the bank!

We decided to try out TriBeCa, located at the JA Ocean View hotel, JBR. It’s been around for a while, but since I’ve never been there, well, that makes it something new 😉

They have a live Jamaican Band on Thursday nights to get you in the party mood, and a teddy bear who hangs out on the speakers – just in case you need a cuddle 😉

On arrival (after battling out the Marina traffic!) we were all pretty much in need of a cold beverage and food… and thankfully neither of these took long to arrive! Since we were all going for the package deal option, the food came out super quickly – sharing starters are brought to the table, and once you’re done with them, if you feel like you need more, you just ask! And they’ll bring!

But don’t get too full on the yummy starters – flatbread, chicken wraps, nachos – because the mains are still coming, and there’s dessert!


The mains are a pick-one-item kinda effort – between the 6 of us we ended up choosing either the cod or the risotto. The risotto was the hit of the table!


They then give you a nice break between the meals to savour some more beverages – which just keep coming as and when you stick your hand up. And then the desserts are again pick-one-item so we ordered two pieces of each (there are only 2 options) and shared them among us. Nutella/banana cake, and good old plain ice cream! Yum!


I highly recommend this place as an option to go for a package deal – and not just for a girls night out! The band was a lot of fun, the food was tasty and for AED249 all-in, you absolutely cannot go wrong!


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