Week 42 – Study Buddy!

My English Degree course is in full swing, with today being the start of Week 2 of the 22-week syllabus.

Overwhelmed does not even begin to describe how I am feeling!

But, to try and calm my nerves a little bit, I have luckily found myself a study buddy, living right here in the UAE – and only a 10-minute drive from my house!

We met up for the first time last night to introduce ourselves, and to share our concerns over the magnitude of what is expected from us on this course – and we enjoyed a few giggles too while getting to know each other and our stories of what brought us here to the UAE, and why we’ve chosen this degree 🙂

I felt a little reassured when I walked out of her house yesterday, knowing that someone feels exactly the same way I do, has exactly the same concerns as I do, and is as eager to share this learning experience as I am!

I’ll be looking forward to many hours of shared debates on our studies, and having someone to bounce ideas off of, who lives right by me, and not scattered all over the world as the rest of the students are.

Here’s to study buddies in the same city, and smashing this learning thing that I’ve decided to tackle at this stage of my life ❤


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