Week 40 – Being a student!

On 16 October 2017, my life is going to get a whole lot busier when the tutors for my degree become available and start ‘teaching’ us – handing out assignments and tasks each week to make sure that everything that we’re reading is starting to make sense, and to ensure that we really are learning.

Thankfully I started reading a few months back so I’m feeling fairly on top of things (for now!), but I decided to use this past weekend as some time to head out to the little library that I have found and spend some time there putting together my weekly plan, and just getting used to the whole idea of a library again!

Unfortunately it’s not been easy getting all the books (both fiction and non-fiction) that I need, and not even the library seems to stock the ones I need, but I’m pretty sure it’ll become almost like a second-home to me over the coming months when I need some space and solitude while writing essays, finishing assignments, and just getting away from it all.


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