Week 39 – Deadlifts!

I received the below photo from one of the Fitness First Personal Trainers whom I used to train regularly with and his comment was “Are you coming to collect your medal?”

Now we all know how Hazel never shies away from a challenge so I immediately replied and said that I’d be there. He told me to PRACTICE, so, with only 4 days to go until the event, I planned in one practice session and a bunch of hoping-for-the-best 😉

Sunday evening I headed off to the gym and did one round of the challenge… and having never done a deadlift before, I was rather in shock at how heavy 35 kg’s is when you’re doing 20 reps!

Monday was fine – I headed out for a light run before work, but by Tuesday I was in a fair amount of pain in my back (from not knowing the correct form for deadlifts!), however I still went off to interval training.

This was not my wisest decision ever as I ended up with a huge cramp in my buttock and coach said “no more pushing for you tonight!”

And by Wednesday I could barely walk! I was rather concerned because the challenge was Wednesday evening, but since I really wanted to at least attempt the challenge, I headed off after work and waited my turn…

And then didn’t even finish it 😥 I managed to push through the first round in a fairly decent time, but once I’d finished the second round of rowing, I took one look at the deadlift bar and knew that if I tried to do those 20 reps, I’d be putting myself at risk for a proper injury… and so I tapped out 😦

I was really upset at myself for a) allowing it to get this bad, b) the fact that I could not finish it, and c) just because, well, I didn’t finish!

But at least I know now that I need to a) practice my form properly if I’m to do them again, and b) I really need to work on my back muscles a little bit and get them a bit stronger!

There’s now another gym challenge starting towards the end of October that I’ve signed up for – a 6-week challenge where each week we’ll be given a ‘surprise’ challenge to complete within the week, for time.

Bring on BEAST MODE!


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