Week 38 – Johnny Clegg, The Final Journey

Months ago when I was over at a friend’s house having dinner, we happened across an advert for Johnny Clegg performing at the Dubai Opera in September. We were 3 South African girls sitting there at dinner and immediately decided that this was something we had to do and so went online and booked tickets right there and then.

Fast forward 3+ months and the day finally arrives. Johnny Clegg performing his Final Journey tour at the Dubai Opera 🙂

The tour was put together as a way for him to travel and say ‘goodbye’ to his fans all over the world; he was diagnosed with cancer approximately 2 years ago 😥

I have been to countless concerts and performances in my lifetime but I have never, NEVER been to a concert that stirs emotion in me like this one did. The constant fighting back of tears as he told us his stories, performed songs that brought back so many memories, and the longing to be back home… well, needless to say that the 3 of us walked out of there, ready to go home and pack our bags and head HOME.

Wherever you are in the world reading this, if the concert is still coming to your town, I absolutely urge you to get tickets and go watch it – especially if you are South African!

I won’t spoil it by telling you anything about the concert, but here are a few photos and some videos that I took on the night ❤

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