Week 31: Mahiki Madness

Looking for something new to do on a Thursday night?

Have a bunch of girls wanting to head out for some drinks and dancing?

Then head over to Mahiki, at Jumeirah Beach Hotel!

The latest addition to the famous Dubai Ladies’ Night inventory is hosted by Mahiki, and it is certainly one to wow – especially if you have guests visiting!

The ‘standard’ ladies night package is your basic idea of free-flowing drinks for the night –  you choose one of 2 selected beverages and have yourself a fine time 🙂

There is also a second option, which we’ve done, which is the super WOW factor! In order to take part in this option, you need to look for the offers on Facebook (or social media in general) and get in touch with the PR Manager who makes your table booking for you, and proceeds to look after you all night.

For this option, on arrival, you choose one of the selected beverages, the same as the standard ladies night, but you are then taken to your table to wait for your dinner. Yup. Get your grub on!

Dinner is brought to the table in ‘sharing platter’ form – an array of mini burgers, sushi, edamame, chicken wraps and french fries.

But the special deal does not stop there. I told you – this is the WOW Factor!

You are then brought a bottle of vodka, on ice, with mixers while you carry on enjoying the delicious food.

And then – the show stopper!

A large treasure chest – filled with a punch cocktail – is brought to the table with the most amazing fanfare. Lights, music, waiters. Go mad!

Treasure Chest!

And then you spend the night dancing away 🙂

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