Week 30: Cheese & Wine!

With the summer temperatures soaring above 40 °C, it’s difficult impossible to do anything social outside so we spend our time indoors, living off AC.

Another way to keep things cool is to refresh ourselves with beautifully chilled wine, fresh fruit, and cheese platters while still being inside… at a cheese and wine evening 🙂

A friend of mine recently organised a group of us to head out to Media One Hotel, Cafe M, where they have started running Thursday night cheese & wine nights for AED199. But to put the proverbial cherry on the top, they have entertainer vouchers so it works out to an impressive AED100 pp. And here’s what you get:

Cafe M

On arrival, we were seated at our table and immediately brought a cheese fondue with bread. We can then help ourselves to the wine selection (white wine standing in buckets on ice, while the red bottles are laid out for you to choose your favourite). You grab a glass, pour your wine (and then refill again and again and again…), and stop off at the buffet table on your way back to your table.

The buffet table is laid out with a large selection of cheeses, fruits, breads, crackers and other little nibbles that you help yourself to.

Part of the buffet table

Once back at your table, you stuff your face with the deliciously warm and extremely tasty cheese fondue, while trying to keep space for the cheese & crackers you’ve brought from the buffet table. And once that fondue pot is empty, they’ll bring you another one!

You need to try keep your head about yourself though because while this cheese fondue and the buffet are exceptionally yummy, there is also the dessert. And let’s not forget the CHOCOLATE FONDUE that is also brought to you once you’re ready for that last sweet taste in your mouth.

This is definitely one that we’ll be repeating!

Chocolate fondue

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