Week 15 – Footgolf!

This past weekend I joined the football girls on their social evening out – bringing 2 football teams together for a night of fun, laughter, action, and a bit of exercise thrown in for good measure!

We headed down to Montgomerie Golf Course for a round of Footgolf!

Now, if you’ve never played (nor heard of) it before, it’s really simple – it’s golf, with a football. Instead of using clubs to whack your golf ball across hundreds of meters of grass into a small hole, you’re using your feet to kick a football across (not so many) meters, into a larger hole.

Sounds easy right?!

Weeeeellllll, easier for some than it is for others (me being one of the ‘others’ 😛 )

Anyway, most of the girls had never played before (a few of us snuck in a round a few weeks ago – not that it helped me in the least this time around!) so it was a whole whack of something new’s for the week – new adventures, new outings, meeting a few new people too 🙂

I absolutely urge you to give this a try!

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