Week 14 – Grease, the musical!

As an absolutely mad Grease-loving fan, I absolutely had to make sure that I saw the musical being put on at The World Trade Centre at the moment in Dubai. So, a group of us bought tickets and off we went this past weekend.

Now when I say that I am a fan, I need to stress here just how much of a fan I am. I know all the words to (practically) every song; I know most of the script of the entire movie; I know this movie back to front. I cannot help myself get up and sing and dance when I hear a Grease song come on.

So, you can imagine my slight confusion and indecision on whether or not I like the musical that is being performed at the moment… and here’s why:

  1. They have written and added in new songs that are not part of the movie
  2. They have added in little side bits of attention on some of the characters that is not portrayed in the movie (I won’t give examples so there are no spoilers)
  3. They have moved scenes around and play songs in different orders to what they are in the movie
  4. There are a few bits of the play where they seem to be giving out subtle ‘motivational’ advice to viewers – for example, they try portray that smoking is bad for you (which it is, I get it… it’s just not the right platform for this)
  5. They have some moments that are way too “touchy-feely” for Grease

However, all of that said, the overall play is not awful, and perhaps if you’re not as much of a nutter-fan as I am, it might actually be really enjoyable. Here’s why:

  1. The girl playing the character Rizzo is absolutely fantastic – she hands-down is the best performer on that stage
  2. One of the new songs that they’ve added in (sung by Patty) is hilarious and she does a great job of performing it
  3. The overall play is well done and yes, the story makes sense and is enjoyable to watch
  4. The cast are really good, especially in songs such as hand-jive…. it cannot be easy to get those movements absolutely spot-on, and perfectly in time with each other, but they pull it off perfectly
  5. There is some enjoyable subtle ‘adult’ humour that has been thrown in which got a few giggles from the crowd

At one point I overheard a mother asking her daughter if she was enjoying the show and her reply was :”Yes mommy, it’s great, but they’ve changed everything…”

I won’t say ‘don’t go watch it’, however if you do, don’t expect to be part of a crazy crowd going mad and singing along… that doesn’t happen. Be warned that things are going to be different so when you think they’ve cut out some of the best songs, sit tight, they’re coming. And enjoy the creative minds that were able to take the movie and make these changes to it (including adding in completely new songs), and still have it enjoyable to watch, with plenty of that Grease sing-along atmosphere that we all love!

And of course, Sandy & Danny do still fall in love at the end so nothing changed there ❤

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