Week 6 – Find my iPhone

A bit of a random something new for this week, but it’s definitely high up on the ‘of value’ and ‘need to know’ lists… so if you own an iPhone and have ever worried about losing it, or having it stolen, then read on!

Unfortunately this is not the first time that I’ve either lost my phone or had it stolen, but it is the first time that I have used the wondrous app called “Find my iPhone”.

I was out with friends over the weekend and I had my phone in my back pocket. We hopped in a taxi and headed home. Not long after we got home, I realised that my phone is no longer in my back pocket. Ah well, not much I could do now so I went to bed.

The next morning I woke up and had my house mates try call the phone – it rang – but I knew that it was on silent (doh!) so didn’t hold out much hope for a) the taxi driver hearing it, or b) it actually being seen / found in the taxi.

And that’s when JPEG says – you should try tracking it using Find my iPhone on the cloud. Now, I’ve never backed any of my information up to the cloud so am not familiar with how it all works, and wasn’t entirely sure anything would happen because of not having my information backed up, but I thought that I may as well try it. There’s an option to ‘play sound’ which sends a ping to the phone and it makes a noise, even if the phone is on silent!

So, I opened up the cloud on my laptop, logged in using my Apple username and password, and what do you know, next thing I see my phone pinging away, miles away from me! I immediately phone the taxi service (while simultaneously sending ping noises to my phone) and tell them to check their tracking systems and get hold of the taxi(s) in that area and ask them to check their car for a missing phone. They tell me that as the call centre they cannot track the taxis, or get hold of the drivers, but they will log my missing item complaint as high priority and will get back to me if they are able to assist any further. I was not feeling very hopeful at this stage, so I locked my phone using the “lost phone” app on the website and sat back and waited.

A couple of hours later, the taxi company calls on JPEG’s phone to report that they have located the taxi and are getting hold of the driver to check his car carefully for my phone – there had been a shift change so it wasn’t the same driver who had taken us home, but it was the same car. Next thing we know, we’re getting another call from them to say that the phone has been FOUND! We contact the driver directly and he comes all the way out to us to drop my phone off!

Happy Hazy!

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