Wellness is such a huge topic these days – not only because it’s kind of the ‘fad’ thing to be talking about, but because there are soooo many facets to it, all of which are super important to us to take better care of our bodies, what with all the junk that is so easily accessible.

I could write a 100-page article on the in’s and out’s of wellness, nutrition, calories, exercise, what to do, what not to do etc., but that would be extremely boring.

Instead, my friend Amy is dedicating the month of February to wellness – and not just towards women, but to the guys too!

This past week, I met up with her and a few other ladies to try out something new and brainstorm an idea of hers and to get the ball rolling – she will be holding weekly (Wednesday) chats with a specific topic being discussed each week. In our brainstorm we spent a huge amount of time focused on understanding calories – how they’re not all the built the same – as well as just generally trying to understand this thing called eating that we have to do on a daily basis in order to survive.

Amy is a qualified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and sports massage therapist specialising in weight loss, wellness and lifestyle management. She has dedicated her life to helping others understand that losing weight / being healthy is not just about exercise, but that it’s more about changing the way you eat – your entire lifestyle – without going on any crazy diets.

If you’re based in Dubai and would like to attend these chats, you’ll need to take note of these details:

When: Wednesdays, during February

Where: Lime Tree Cafe, Al Quoz (behind Times Square, near Bounce)

Time: 12 – 1pm

You can come in for 10 minutes, or the whole hour, grab a bite to eat, or just take notes and ask questions. It’s a completely open forum, and it’s there for YOU!

Lime Tree Cafe

Lime Tree Cafe


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