Running to breakfast – getting things started

I met up this morning with my usual running buddies, for our usual Friday morning training run.

Other than a new location, it was pretty much the normal Friday morning run for us – aiming for approximately 12 km’s (finished on 14.5!), taking it nice and easy with our 10 & 1 runs (run 10 minutes, walk 1), and finishing it off with some breakfast.

img_6721But that’s where things changed!

We spent a couple of minutes deciding where to go for breakfast and settled on iHop, which is not far from where we were all parked. We hopped in our cars and headed off.

Nat & I were together, and the El Jabari’s in the other car… we parked in different places (parking is SUCH a nightmare around JBR 😦 ) and walked towards iHop.

As we got close, we walked past a restaurant that had a chalkboard outside that was advertising a breakfast buffet and Nat & I started saying how yum that would be and maybe we should aim for that as our breakfast after our next run…. And then as we got to iHop, the El Jabari’s asked if we’d noticed the sign?! Of course! So we all turned around and headed off to Il Cafe di Roma to stuff our faces at the breakfast buffet!


And so an idea was born – hence this new blog series. Once we’ve finished training for the RAK Half Marathon (10 February!) we’re going to plan our weekend long runs around where we have breakfast post run. Yum! 😛



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