Week 49 – I run here, I run there, I run everywhere

Last week was a week full of interesting, new, fun runs for me, and all over the place ๐Ÿ™‚

It started with Monday’s run with Nat. We had said we’d head out to the beach track after picking up her race pack for her upcoming race, but then while driving towards where we thought was best to start, we were driving in the direction of the newly opened Dubai Water Canal… and well, what a great place to try out a run, we thought!

It was pretty deserted where we started out, and not that interesting, but as we got closer to the main bridge(s), things started picking up – a few runners here and there, some rollerskaters, and many people just out and about on a nice walk, on a nice evening out. I managed to snap a few photos while we were running to give you an idea of the look of it all ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure I’ll be back there for runs on a more regular basis now!

Looking onto the Dubai skyline from under one of the bridges

Looking onto the Dubai skyline from under one of the bridges

Post-run selfie :)

Post-run selfie ๐Ÿ™‚

The next run was a team relay that I entered with the guys from optimalFITNESS whom I do interval training with on Tuesday nights. A 15km relay race, with 10 runners in each team – 1.5 km’s per runner, running a loop around part of a golf course. It was awesome! There was such a massive vibe on the evening – about 47 teams in total!

Because it was only 1.5 km’s of running, you obviously aimed to push your limits pretty hard while out on the course… and some people were just incredible! Our fastest runner did it in 5m:29s!!! Absolutely incredible! I was well happy with my time of 6:46 and felt like I really did my part in helping the team have an impressive finish of 1h:03m for our overall time!

The course wasย an interesting one, twisting and turning on the rolling hills of the golf course. It kept things interesting in that you weren’t just running a boring, flat, straight out and back 1.5 km’s… you had to pace yourself really well to make sure you didn’t overdo it on the few uphills, and then leave enough energy in the tank to really hit it hard on the last couple hundred meters as you entered the runners area again. It was a great course!

We came second in our category (elite teams), and 10th overall on the night – not a bad way to spend a Wednesday evening ๐Ÿ™‚

Runners lined up waiting for their team mates

The medals table

The medals table

optimalFITNESS team

optimalFITNESS team

** Please forgive me for posting so late – this should have been done on Thursday 8th December… hopefully this coming week’s entry won’t be delayed!


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