Week 43 – The new me!

Another something new that I’m stretching the truth in a little bit – this week’s new was actually done many, many years ago…. but it’s now something new while in my adult years and I have to brag about it 🙂

I’m finally getting my teeth fixed! I put this on my bucket list a couple of years ago and now, after lots and lots of visits to the dentist (including one where I actually cried in the chair because I’m that petrified of the dentist), and a very tough decision to make, I have finally bitten the bullet and had braces put on!

Thankfully, things have changed a lot since I was a teenager getting my teeth done and so I was not forced to get those terrible silver tracks running along my teeth… instead I’m able to have ceramic braces that you can hardly notice unless you’re right next to me. Not even my speech has been altered so that’s another win!

And in approximately 18 month’s time I’ll have a new smile 🙂

This week has been pretty difficult in terms of what to eat… of course once I’m used to them I’ll be able to go back to pretty much normal eating, but this first week has been a learning curve of note!

My first night wasn’t too bad – managed to have curry, rice and naan bread (ok, probably shouldn’t have had the naan, but I was tearing it into very small pieces and basically just swallowing it 😉 ), but the second day was a nightmare! I was in terrible pain and so put together a weekly menu consisting of oats, mashed potato, smoothies and similar types of foods… maybe it’ll lead to a bit of unexpected weight loss 😛


2 thoughts on “Week 43 – The new me!

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