Week 40 – Prince Amir

Week 40?! This means that there are only 12 more weeks until the end of the year….! Boy has this year gone by quickly (yes, we say that every year, don’t we?!)

So, what did Week 40 see for me?

Well, not a huge amount to be truthful.

It was a short work-week because it was  Islamic New Year on Saturday night, which meant Sunday was a day off work. And we pretty much spent it on the couch… well, I did. The girls did an escape room again but I chose to enjoy the extremely lazy day (and therefore not get anything new done on that day!)

So, my something new had to come from the very few days left of the week… and I am well happy with what I have for this week!

I had a kickboxing class in which Prince Amir, a 3-time world championship title holder in thai and kickboxing, taught us in the class!

Prince Amir is the owner of the kickboxing gym I attend, and while I’ve seen him teaching the earlier evening classes, I’ve not had the honour when I’ve attended the early class. But this past week was my week to make the most of his huge amount of experience and knowledge in the sport as he taught us some  defense moves.

I still have a long way to go in my kickboxing, but am really hoping that one of these days I’ll be confident enough to get in a ring and have a proper go!

Prince Amir on the left

Prince Amir on the left

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