Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

When I visited Australia – Melbourne – in 2013 for my uncle’s (surprise) 60th birthday, my family spent some time in Sydney too because, well, you can’t go all the way to Australia and not go to Sydney, right?!

We spent a day out and about visiting Koala sanctuaries, a zoo, a bunch of other places and the Blue Mountains.

There is this one outcrop in the mountains where you can sit on the edge and you feel like you are flying on top of the mountains! It was heart attack material for my poor mother when I sat on the edge, but the photo was so worth it! And then when some other people who were with us started acting about and pretended to be falling, well, that’s when my mom decided it was time to leave – but not before I got a photo in 😉

And what would a photo challenge entry of mine be without some random youtube video relating to it… so for this week I bring you 30 Seconds to Mars – Closer to the Edge. One of my all-time favourite 30 Seconds to Mars songs ❤


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

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