Why I downgraded from an iPad

I was given an iPad a few years ago as a Christmas present.

At the time I didn’t know much about the world of tablets, but it was pretty exciting anyway. I immediately got to downloading books, games, apps, you name it.

And the iPad travelled with me pretty much everywhere because it beat having to carry a laptop around anymore – now I could do pretty ipad2much anything on the tablet that I previously did on a laptop… but this was more compact, lighter, smaller, and a little bit nifty 😉

My trusty iPad kept me company on many work trips into Kurdistan where I would lie in bed and read for hours; it kept me company in many an airport while I sat watching TV shows / movies waiting for connecting flights; it made it easy to do a bit of blogging-on-the-go when I downloaded the wordpress app; it gave me hours of music while holidaying all over the place….

But, for a while now I’ve been avoiding my iPad – not because there’s anything wrong with it, but because it’s become big, and heavy, and annoying to lie in bed and read on because it tires my arms out 😦

So I looked into options for smaller, lighter, newer, fun tablets and could not believe my eyes when I saw how cheap they were! That was it – no more mucking about with the heavy iPad. It was time to down upgrade to something a little more 2016.

I did a bunch of research and finally settled on an option, but when I got to the store to buy it the salesman managed to convince me to take a different, cheaper, better brand…. so I handed over the money and went home to play with my new toy.

Well, I’m not here to write a review of the tablet – I’m not technology-minded enough for that – but as a complete layman, I can tell you that I am absolutely in love with the Lenovo Tab 2! I have barely put it down since I bought it – I’ve even considered putting it in my handbag and bringing it to work, just to muck about a bit more on it during the day 🙂


It has all the functionality that I need on a tablet:

  • Access the internet
  • Read books
  • Play games
  • Listen to music
  • Watch TV shows / movies / videos (with exceptional picture clarity!)

So then, if I’m not here to review this wondrous piece of technology, what am I babbling on here for? Well, I’ll tell you… I felt the need to share my experience because a) I wanted something to blog about, and b) I needed to share my horrifying experience with you!

Horrifying experience? Oh yes!

When leaving the store, I walked out of the mall and began crossing the sandlot to get to my car. As I walked closer I noticed a car ON FIRE and half a second later thought “Holy crap, that’s MY CAR ON FIRE!” I stood paralysed for a second or two before breathing properly and being able to realise that in fact, it was not my car on fire… just a car that looked way too much like mine, and was parked really close to mine. The car on the left in the photo below IS my car 😮


As you can see, the emergency services were not even there yet. I asked if everyone was OK, affirmative, and made my way home – I was not going to hang about there for longer than was absolutely necessary!

Horrifying experience and pretend review over. Thank you 🙂


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