Week 32 – Handstands!

I’m actually posting this a day early – I’ve finally caught up!!!!!! 

Holy smokes! Who would have thought that doing a handstand is a) so flipping difficult, b) requires so much all-over body strength, and c) is not just simply throwing your legs up in the air and thrashing them about for a bit while you try stay upright?!

I gave myself a new year’s resolution this year to learn (or re-learn; I’m pretty sure I used to be able to handstands at school?) how to do a handstand, properly, and so when I saw a handstand workshop advertised I immediately signed up – new year’s resolution crossed off the list, bucket list item started, something new for my challenge 🙂 Boom!

I had an inclination, before stepping into the class, that this was going to be difficult… but man was I far off. I had no idea that it takes so much skill, control and process to get yourself up into a proper handstand. Like I said above, I’m not talking about just throwing your hands on the ground and flicking your legs up in the air and hoping for the best – I’m talking about the controlled movement of using your body (hips, core) to get your legs up into the air, and to then be able to hold them there, while your body is flat, straight and completely still.

(Video taken from youtube – this was not filmed in the workshop I attended)


Getting ready for class

We started the class off just doing some fairly simple movements that help get your body prepared for the movements and muscles that will be used when doing the handstand.

Preparing your body for how it will be during a handstand

The rest of the class was then spent learning the technique that it takes to get yourself from a downward dog position into a handstand…

Learning how to do a handstand is definitely easier if you have someone around to help you – most of the movement requires you to know where you’re going wrong which is pretty difficult if you can’t see what you’re doing wrong… we spent most of the class doing partner work, helping each other out, and a few tries on our own against the wall to get the feel of it so that we can take this knowledge home and continue learning.

Doing a handstand against a wall is easier if you’re climbing up the wall, as opposed to flicking your legs over towards the wall – that might sound contradictory, but climbing up the wall gives you the proper feel of the handstand and allows you to be able to move your legs away from the wall when you’re confident enough and viola! You’re in a handstand.

Climbing up the wall

Climbing up the wall

Flicking legs over

Flicking legs over

I plan on videoing myself doing this a few times so that I can see where I’m going wrong, but I am happy to point out that I did manage to get up into a handstand a couple of times in the class, and even managed to hold my legs up in the air for a few seconds, albeit shaky, but with only a touch of support from my partner… she wasn’t actually holding my legs up 🙂

Us at the end of the class – that’s me, third from the right 🙂

I attended the handstand workshop at Piloga Studios in imagesBusiness Bay. Click here for their website. You can contact them for further workshops on handstands, yoga & pilates classes as well as yoga retreats.

** Disclaimer – I was not asked to do, nor was I given any compensation for this post. This is not a review of the studio or workshop; the opinions and details stated in this post are entirely my own.


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