Week 31 – Stereo Arcade Brunch

The week of 4 August (when this should have been posted) was yet another week in which I didn’t have very much planned other than the normal routine of Dubai life…

However, there was a brunch planned in that week – a brunch that I nor any of my friends had done before.

Stereo Arcade, a pub / dance venue located at the Double Tree Hilton, JBR, is a relatively new spot – possibly been open for about a year, give or take.

The idea of the whole place is a games arcade – as you walk into the place there are video games lining the walls and bright colours everywhere… even the toilets have been decorated to make you feel as though you are a character in an 80’s video game!

The brunch takes place in the pub side of the venue (the dance area is only open at night). There is a one-man-band performing – Jeremy, he was very enjoyable – free-flowing drinks of multiple varieties and a small menu to choose your food from.

You are given a starter and a main meal token and get to choose one of each from the menu – there are only about 4 or 5 choices of each so not a huge selection, but as far as pub food goes, it’s tasty enough. The venue is geared more at being a pub for drinks and not a restaurant, anyway.

Unfortunately the day that we went was extremely quiet – not sure if this is the usual brunch crowd here, but there must have been no more than 30 people in the place… and that’s possibly pushing it.

Although Jeremy was doing his best to get the crowd going with his music, allowing requests and picking songs that were crowd pleasers and sing-alongs, the vibe was pretty flat. When he finished his set the DJ came on, but that didn’t help liven the place up much, and once people started disappearing from their seats to go play games, the pub emptied out rather fast and left those inside feeling close to bored…

While it wasn’t a terrible experience – we didn’t experience any bad service or anything going wrong – the brunch needs to find a way to liven itself up. At one of the cheaper brunches around (AED250), you would think that the place would be a lot more exciting.

But, we made the most of our afternoon out, enjoying live music, eating some tasty food (and for once at brunch not totally stuffing our faces), trying something new and getting in a few beers while at it… 🙂


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