Week 30 – One-week-old kittens

(The correct date for this post should have been 28 July… but trust me, you’ll be glad that it’s late this time as I’ll be adding in some very exciting and incredibly cute information that would not have been possible on 28th July 🙂 )

Sooooo, while Roomie and I were both on holiday (not together, just at the same time), JPEG found some kittens for us to foster. This is not anything new for us as we’ve done it a few times now, but what was new was that these little guys were only ONE DAY OLD when JPEG got them!!!!!!

They could not open their eyes, their ears were like little rolled up balls against their heads, and they made no sounds whatsoever.

Over the next 2 weeks or so, they grew a little bit, opened their eyes, ears being to look like proper ears, their tails look like cats tails and not rats tails 😉 and they began making noises… lots of noises! (Put your speakers on for the videos…. soooo cute!)

I’m inside a shoe box!

So, that was up to 28th July… but now the kittens are a couple of days shy of being one month old, and we have now started feeding them proper food! It was the cutest thing to watch!


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