Week 29 – Eloquent Elephant

(21 July 2016)

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey, so the saying goes – I’ll eventually get back up to date with my blogging 🙂

Right then, let’s talk about the something new for week 29 – which ended on 21st July…

I had just got back from an amazing holiday with the fam-dam and thrown head-first into the madness at work, but there was to be some socialising with work to be done too – we had entered a quiz night to be held at the Eloquent Elephant at the Taj Hotel, Dubai.

Now, I’ve been to many a quiz night in Dubai but I have never been to The Eloquent Elephant, nor have I ever stepped foot into The Taj Hotel…. WOW!

The hotel is absolutely stunning – and surprisingly does not give off too much of a show-offy type of attitude when you walk in. It is so tastefully decorated!

Heading over to the pub for the quiz was an interesting experience in itself – the entrance to the pub is merely a tiny door in the wall, a door that looks like it might be an emergency exit type of door… but, lo and behold, through that door is yet another display of tasteful decoration.

Unfortunately I did not take many photos on the night because I was an idiot, but here are 2 that I managed to snap, of the lobby entrance, and a few that I’ve taken off Google just so that you can have an idea…

With it being a quiz night, we didn’t just sit down and enjoy a meal / few drinks. Instead we had a few beers during the quiz, and then afterwards a few of us stayed for a while and ordered some food off the menu.

The menu is small, but very interesting, and the food is very delicious… at least, the burgers that we all ordered were delicious 😉

Would I go back there?

Yes, but it’s probably more suited to taking a client out for a drink, or if you work in the area then popping in there after work for a quick drink or two before either heading home or out for the night.

** Disclaimer: My understanding is that this was an event organised by a client and it is not an event run by the venue itself… so don’t be surprised if you cannot find details of a public quiz night at Eloquent Elephant. The views in this post are entirely my own – I was not asked to do, nor given any compensation for this review. 


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