Week 25 – Prague

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!

I must apologise for last week’s Something New being a few days late – I had fully intended on posting this last week Thursday while in Prague but I ended up having too much fun there and never got around to it 😉 But here you go regardless! (Full details about the Prague holiday will follow on Thursday… watch this space!)

OK, OK, this is a little bit of a stretch as I’ve actually been to Prague before, however on this trip I managed to do some new stuff that I’ve not done before – so yes, something new for the week 🙂

Tried Absinthe!

Well, just in an ice cream, which tasted suspiciously like pistachios 😉 but was nevertheless fun anyway.

Visited the John Lennon Memorial Wall


3 thoughts on “Week 25 – Prague

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