How to be a footballer: Step Three

Go to a football tournament!

That’s right – I’m heading off to Prague tomorrow for a whole weekend full of football, playing football, drinking beer, more football, a lot more beer, a bit of sightseeing and a whole whack of footballers around me!

JPEG and her football team went to this last year and they won the girls tournament – so they decided to head back this year and defend their title… and I decided to join in on the fun.

So, the last few weeks have been all about getting me up to speed on football – of course I’m surrounded by football talk day in and day out since my housemates, JPEG & Roomie, are both footballers, and most of my friends are footballers.

Last week saw me head out onto the pitch for the first time ever – a scary experience to say the least… but after surviving it, I know I’ll be ok to muck about a bit in Prague. I won’t be playing any serious games as the girls are there to win, but I’ll definitely be getting out there and having a bit of fun with the hundreds of other players around us 🙂

With that said, I’ll be offline for a few days while I try survive the few days in Prague!

One thought on “How to be a footballer: Step Three

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