Week 24 – How to be a footballer: Step Two

Get out on the pitch!

When wanting to learn how to play football, or become a footballer, probably the most important thing to do is to get out on the pitch! Duh 😉

So, in preparation for my big debut when we head off to Prague next week (more on that to follow in upcoming posts – watch this space!), JPEG put me on a team in a friendly match (so that if they lost it didn’t matter 😉 ) and gave me a chance to get a feel for what it’s like between those 2 posts… the goal posts!

In my dreamworld I figured that I’d be subbed on towards the end for just a few minutes, but then the team lists were sent out – nope, there I was on the team for the whole game, with no subs to mention o_O

I’ve got this!

Right before the game started, I practiced a whopping 3 shots – 2 saved, 1 in. OK. Now for the real thing…

To say I was nervous would be an understatement – these girls can seriously kick a ball! I had visions of the thing smashing into my face every time it came near me, but I had a very good defense team and they stopped most of the balls from coming anywhere near me.

And then there were the ones that they didn’t stop.

My first few attempts were really good – I saved 3 shots in a row! Then a couple were let through.

I then stupidly kicked the ball straight to one of the opposing team members and she took a shot at goal and of course, straight to the back of the net it went!

A couple more saved here and there, a bunch more let through… but overall I didn’t do too bad of a job for a first time. And when the opposing team learned that not only was this my first time in goal, but my first time even playing football, they were well impressed! And my team were happy enough with me (or so they say 😉 ) so it was a successful attempt at learning to be a footballer!

The indoor sports world at Dubai World Trade Centre

The indoor sports world at Dubai World Trade Centre

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