Week 23 – Epic Fail!

In my house we have a weekly Game of Thrones get-together night where all 3 of us are at home (we have very different schedules so although we live in the same house, we can sometimes go almost a week without actually seeing each other!).

Anyway, this past week we were just 2 of us so we shuffled things around a bit to watch GoT on Tuesday instead – and I offered to make dinner for us, which was to be my something new for the week. Sweet Potato Gnocchi here we come!

I had seen a recipe on a fellow blog so I took down the details, headed to the grocery store after work and bought the few ingredients that I didn’t have at home – sweet potato and mushrooms. Thankfully for this recipe everything else was already at home, unlike when I tried carrot cake cupcakes  XD

I got home and immediately put the oven on to 200 degrees and then popped the sweet potato in for 40 minutes (did an insanity workout while waiting 😉 ).

The recipe then seemed easy enough – peel the potatoes, mash it up, add an egg, salt & pepper and then mix with flour until the dough is no longer sticky. Then roll out long snakes of the dough, cut into gnocchi-sized pieces, drop in boiling water for about 5 minutes and then fry with your mushrooms, tomatoes, whatever-you-feel like really. Easy peasy.

Well, that’s where it then went horribly WRONG!

It was not easy peasy. In fact, it was an

For the life of me I could not get the dough to not be sticky, no matter how much darn flour I rolled into it… I ended up putting in almost double what the recipe called for and each time I thought “Hey look, it’s starting to look good” and then rolled a bit more, it would inevitably end up sticky all over again. I tried taking small bits out to then roll into snakes but that just ended up with me having sweet potato stickiness all over my fingers 😦

I ended up giving up and instead made us some regular pasta using the mushrooms and tomatoes that I had intended using for the gnocchi dish… at least that turned out extremely tasty 🙂

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