Week 22 – It’s a podium finish!

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been taking part in a challenge at the gym recently. The challenge lasted for the month of May – 4 weeks, 4 lots of different exercises to complete as many reps as possible in 10 minutes.

In those 4 weeks, I placed third in the first week, and first in the second week so it’s been extremely tight competition at the top of the log and I’ve been pushing myself very hard to see where I’ll finish overall (sitting in second place as we entered the fourth week).

The last week of exercises were TOUGH! 10 x 15kg barbell thrusters; 15 x plate dex squat; 20 x alternating planks – repeat as many times as you can in 10 minutes.

I knew that I was going to struggle with the barbell thrusters so I decided to practice the challenge on Sunday evening and was pleasantly surprised that I managed 4 complete rounds for a total of 180 reps. And that included me stopping for a sip of water, plus a few times where I had to stop and swear at the barbell 😳

Monday 30th May was the final day for the 4th week of exercises and prize giving was held straight after the cut off time (7pm). I headed down to the gym at 5:45pm to get my challenge completed and to wait it out for prize giving (during the wait time I did a health & fitness assessment – see my results at the end of this post).

I knuckled down and pushed myself as hard as I could for those 10 minutes – first round, second round, third round, fourth round, and then a fifth round! I smashed out the 10 barbell thrusters and had a few seconds to go… I picked up the 5kg weight and managed to knock out 3 plate dex squats before the time finished. A total of 193 reps!!! Would this be enough to keep me in second place?

Push it!

Push it!

The other gym members started arriving and hanging around for prize giving – nobody giving up any information about their final numbers. I knew that my final total was 696 points and I was keeping very quiet about it.

The challenge coordinator steps up to the podium and starts going through the Top 10, reading only their names and their finishing positions. Then the Top 3. He announces that it’s an extremely close finish and in third place, with 696 points, we have Hazel!

Third place :)

Third place 🙂

I was a little sad that I’d been knocked from second but I was still a podium finisher – something that’s not happened to me before! And to think that a month ago I wasn’t even able to complete the challenge, I could not be more proud of myself as I stood up there and received my medal, trophy and prize 🙂

My prize!

My prize!

So, my health & fitness assessment…

It involved a stretch test, a 1km run (on the treadmill!!!!), see how far you can jump, how long you can hold a wall sit, how many push ups in a minute, how many sit ups in a minute and how long can you hold a plank for. I had nothing to compare all this to so I have no comments on that, however, the assessment also included a BMI test which I last did in November 2015 and boy was a I chuffed with my results!

Since November last year I have put on 3 kg’s of muscle, my body fat mass has dropped by 3kg’s (the scale has not gone up, nor down), and my body fat percentage has dropped by a whopping 7%! Looks like I’m well on the way to total fitness!


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