Week 18 – Pushing my limits

A colleague of mine showed me a flyer for a challenge that was taking place at the gym I go to…

Of course I was going to take part in this!

I arrived at the gym on Saturday morning, feeling fresh but having no idea what I was getting myself in for. I’ve never taken part in these gym challenges before, but since I’ve done 2 Desert Warrior Challenges I figured it wouldn’t be too hard.

Boy how wrong I was!

I was picked to go first with one other girl while the other girls sat around waiting for us to finish our rounds.

The rowing was easy enough – coincidentally I’d been doing a fair bit of rowing before kickboxing classes recently so I knew what to expect. Then off to the push-ups which again were OK. Squats were fine. Crunches I aced. And then the burpees…. well, that’s where things fell apart drastically.

I was practically in tears at one point – I learned very quickly that I have NO strength in my shoulders, regardless of all the kickboxing and working out that I already do. The instructor who was timing me was pushing me on, trying to talk me through it. I somehow managed to get to 25 reps and did my shuffle runs, feeling completely awful and wanting to die.

At one point I sat down to rest for a few seconds and looked at what was ahead of me – starting at the beginning with 25 more push-ups and I knew there was no way I would be able to do it.

I tapped out 😦

After resting for a while and watching the next round of girls, I was very upset with myself that I’d not pushed harder, but it was too late.

At least I know now what it is all about and next time I’ll make sure to finish! It’s all about slow and steady, pushing your limits, ignore everyone around you and just get through it.

**** UPDATE 9 MAY *****

On my way into gym this morning I was approached by one  of the instructors – he says that he has my prize for me and hands over a medal and a bunch of vouchers worth a whole whack of money 🙂 I ended up finishing 8th out of 12 girls, even though I tapped out! Now if that’s not motivation to do better next time then I don’t know what is!


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