Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

I’ve been running on and off for about 7 years now – the last 3 of which I have been truly dedicated to the sport, injury free.

In these past 3 years I’ve run about 5 half marathons, a whole whack of 10 km races (not counting the many 10 km + training runs) and a whole bunch of other races too, and I’ve seen my times get better (taking an amazing 20 or so minutes off my half marathon PB), and my body get fitter and stronger too.

Along the way I’ve come across many people whom I have come to admire greatly in the sport – people who run locally in the UAE, friends I run with, and of course, the elites who are pushing out 2-hour marathon finishing times.

Last year January I did not run the Standard Chartered 10 km (which I’d done a few times previously) but rather sat on the sidelines supporting the runners – and I used this opportunity to get some photos of these elites who are just amazing! To think that they run 42 km’s in approximately the same time that it takes me to run 21 km’s – you can’t help but admire them!

In the series of photos below you have the 2 leading ladies – Aselefech Mergia and Gladys Cherono – belting it out for that first place finish. They start off practically next to each other, and as the photos progress, you can see how Aselefech dips into all of her reserve adrenaline energy and sprints home for the title… a winning time of 2:20:02, with Gladys only 1 second behind her, 2:20:03. Talk about a tight finish!

And one last picture – another person whom I have huge respect for in running, and as a friend, is Nat. She has helped me push myself on a number of occasions where I possibly would have otherwise thrown in the towel!



5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

  1. I understand the idea of running. But I have to admit…I hate it. I do not like pain, I’m a wuss when it comes to pain. Gotta admire people who push through that kind of pain. Give me a wall with a gecko to watch…and I’m good. Nice photo in your header (is it new?)


    • Running can be a real mind game sometimes, and trust me, I often battle with pushing through the pain! But I far more enjoy the feeling of crossing a finish line and so I keep going back for more 🙂
      And yes, it’s a new photo, thanks for noticing! Took it a couple of months ago and thought it needed some public display 🙂


  2. Beautiful interpretation of the challenge. Good to hear you’ve been keeping up running over the last 3 years – it’s a sport that certainly requires dedication and my hat’s off to you. Excellent set of capture and you captured the excitement of the Standard Chatered race there very well 🙂


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