Last race of the 2015/2016 season… done and dusted!

This past Saturday was the last race of the 2015/2016 season that I will be running – there are a couple more races in the heat of the summer but currently I have not registered for any, and doubt that I will be doing so.

It was a 12 km race, once again held at Meydan Golf Course, and takes place on the roads located around the course grounds.

It’s an extremely flat course, not much to look at, but not a bad course on the whole, and I’ve now run this course possibly 5 or 6 times (twice for the 12 km, and the others for the 8 km).

Unfortunately my last race was a bit of a disappointment for me 😦 I didn’t have any specific goals in mind for the race, but when I finished almost 3 minutes slower than the last time I ran this, it’s a bit of a bummer to end the season like that.

Within the first km of the race I had to stop running and pull onto the side walk to deal with a terrible cramp that I had in my foot, located around my ankle area. ONE Kilometer! So it looked to be a fairly dismal race right from the word go. But I carried on and the cramping seemed to go away, until about 4 km’s. gggrrrrr. So I stopped again, massaged it a bit, again, and headed off, again. I think I then stopped once more at some point, but the final stop was in the 9th km when I stopped for quite a while and when tried to run again had to end up walking for a bit. Totally messed up any chances of a decent finish for me, but I was not going to pull out.

I kept going, one foot in front of the other, and when I was coming up to the last 2 km’s I decided to start picking up my pace a fair bit and actually making a go for the finish line. After each corner that we turned I picked up the pace a bit more, until I was gunning it down the last straight and really gave it my all across the finish line, finishing in a time of 1:08:00, and an overall positioning of 19th in my age category. meh. 😦

But, I cannot complain about this season of running at all – I have had one of the best seasons since I began running so I have to be proud of myself for that! 2 personal bests smashed, and just generally feeling much stronger and happier about my running in general.

I won’t be stopping during the summer, but I will be cutting down on both mileage and amount of times that I run during the week… and I will be picking up on my kickboxing and focusing a lot more on that for the summer 🙂


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