Another race, another PB!

I seem to be on fire at the moment!

I ran a 10km race this past weekend and got another personal best in the race πŸ™‚ This time only by about 90 seconds or so, but a PB is a PB!

A few weeks ago I had already decided that I was going to go for a PB on this race, and said to myself that if I get it then that’s awesome, and if I don’t then I have to at least know that I tried and that something went wrong on race day.

After the last few races going really well (a PB in the half marathon at RAK and a very sore, but great half marathon in Hatta), I knew that I had a good chance. I worked out what I needed my pace to be on race day to cut just a few seconds off and I worked on that.

The night before the race was a fabulous chilled one at home with the housemates and a couple of other friends, watching TV, eating pasta dinner and a few cheeky chocolates, and then off to bed at a respectable hour for a good night’s sleep.

The alarm went off in the morning and I had to drag myself out of bed – thankfully it was a race, and I was fetching Nat so there wasn’t that much temptation to crawl back under the covers… and knowing that it’s warmed up outside definitely helped too πŸ˜‰

We got to the race and did our warm up and then headed to the start line… I kept chanting “55” to myself – that was my time I was aiming for. 55 minutes. 5:30 / kilometer. I can do this.

The first 4 km’s were under 5:30 which was great, then the 5th was only 5:31 so no panic there. By the 6th km I knew that I had a PB in the bag provided nothing went wrong from here.

And then just before the 7th km I got a really bad stitch in my side and IΒ had to walk a little bit… but I knew that I had a few seconds to play with so I was able to give myself a few seconds to walk it off, and then was at it again about 20 m or so down the course.Β At about 8km’s the stitch made another appearance but this time nowhere near as bad so I just ran through it, knowing that it’s only 2km’s to go!

Of course the photographer got one of me walking my stitch off 😦

I hit the 9km mark and started to pick up my pace… Nat saw me come around the second last corner and she ran with me for a bit, encouraging me on the way – I had this!

I turned the last corner and I gunned it… finishing strong with a time of 54:19!

Coming into the finish line

Coming into the finish line

My 10km PB :)

My 10km PB πŸ™‚

And then just for fun, while we were waiting for the awards, Nat suggested that I have a photo on the podium… so after a bit of convincing I thought “Why the hell not?! I’ve done really well in my last few runs so I may as well enjoy a 1st place for fun” HA!

(not really) First place

(not really) First place

** The photos taken of me while running are courtesy of the organisers of the race


7 thoughts on “Another race, another PB!

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  2. *Smile*
    Good old PBs.

    I remember one ten k I did where the opening three Ks were pretty much all down hill. In fact the first four ks flew by and I couldn’t believe the time on my watch. The middle section seemed to go on longer then expected which then threw my times for a burton.
    It was a circular route and so the last three ks were a grueling uphill climb.
    We only found out later that the course organizers had measured that downhill/uphill section wrong.
    It was around 400 metres short!

    Still managed a PB though. I think it was the adrenaline rush on the downhill section that did it!
    I was flying!

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