Week 12 – Brunswick Sports Club

A new week, new places, new beers πŸ™‚

Brunswick Sports Club – Sheraton Mall of Emirates, Dubai

JP was recently invited to an opening party-type night for a new bar that is opening at the Sheraton, Mall of Emirates… and on Tuesday a bunch of us joined her for a night full of good beers, tasty food, good company and plenty laughs.

The bar has actually been open for about a week, but Tuesday night was a bit of a marketing event so it was super packed! Thankfully the waiters did a great job of always being around when you needed them (shout out to Miguel, our rockstar waiter!), and drinks were never much of a wait. There were sample food bites doing the rounds (which disappeared very quickly with all the people there) so a few people ordered off the menu, and although I didn’t personally try it, I didn’t hear anyone complain about their food / service of the food.

Full House

Full House

So, what is Brunswick Sports Club?

Well, like the name suggests, it’s a sports bar.

And like any other sports bar around there are TV’s set up all over the place showing different sports all night; there’s music; there’s beer; there’s food.

But one thing that Brunswick does differently to anywhere that I’ve ever been (in any country I’ve been to!) is that they have a ‘locker room’ / fridge space in which you can buy cases of beer and have it stored for you (well, a group of you) and it is available to you whenever you’re at the pub – you never have to worry about your favourite beer running out of stock πŸ˜‰ We did not get a chance to try this out but it’s definitely something that we’ll be looking into!

The fridges are behind the people on the left - I couldn't squeeze through the mob to take a better photo... :(

The fridges are behind the people on the left – I couldn’t squeeze through the mob to take a better photo… 😦

Because Brunswick is one of the very few places in Dubai (that I know of) that sell craft beer, I made sure to try out a few different types πŸ™‚ The ones I tried were “13 Guns”, “Frontier” and “Two Chefs”, with Frontier being my favourite. Yum!

We will definitely be going back to give the place a proper try out on a night that’s not an event… it’s kinda like the perfect place to start off after work for a few beers, good food and get you in the mood for a bigger party night out. Or, catch that game that you wanted to watch and bring a few friends with you πŸ™‚

Interesting cocktails...

Interesting cocktails…

(Please excuse the poor quality of photos – I didn’t think to take my DSLR with me so I’ve just used my basic “point ‘n click” and it wasn’t a big fan of the lack of lighting…)


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