Ready for RAK 2016!

I think this year is the first year that I can honestly say that I am feeling completely ready for the half marathon this coming weekend – bring on RAK Half, I say!

I didn’t follow any proper training schedule for this year because they generally start about 8 weeks prior to the race, and that was bang at the start of my Christmas holiday back home with family… no way was I going to be pounding out 14km runs at high altitude when I could be chilling on the couch (and sleeping in!) on my holiday 😉

Instead I just dived straight into pretty hectic training as soon as I got back – my gym / kickboxing sessions stayed pretty much the same during the week, but my runs got longer and I made sure that I did all (ok, most) of them.

In the last 2 weeks, the long runs that I have done have been absolutely superb! The first one, a 13km run in the morning, was only stopped because I had to get to work. Had I not needed to go to work I would have carried on running way past 13 km’s.

That was followed up the next week by a 17km run that was just fabulous! I honestly could have carried on going to 21 km’s but decided against it because of all the advice I’ve ever read about running – don’t do the full distance of your race in your training runs. So I stopped at 17 km’s and felt great.

I then followed all of that up by running Wadi Bih this past weekend (but that’s a post all on it’s own….) to give me a total of 47 km’s run for the week! I was not planning it at all, and it maybe was a little bit aggressive, but I feel fantastic and my legs are not feeling the pressure at all! But this week is a rest week – I’ll be doing a bit of gym, and then 2 short runs (6km’s and 5km’s) and enjoying (?) a sports massage tonight before the big day on Friday.

I think a large part of my recovery being so great at the moment is that I’m going for regular sports massages, and I’ve become quite regular in my foam rolling after a run.

So I’m really looking forward to what the race will hold for me on Friday morning – watch this space for the review blog post 🙂

Good luck to any other runners running RAK, or any other races this coming weekend!


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