Week 4 – Out of The Box Market

Recently I read up on this new-concept market that is held annually in Dubai where the stalls of the market are set up in shipping containers. It sounded like an interesting place to go check out some local arts and crafts and get me out of the house on  a weekend.

So, this past weekend I roped in 2 of my friends, Al and Roomie, to join me at the market. We picked Al up and the 3 of us headed out to where the flyer told us to go.

But on arrival the place was DEAD. There definitely was no market there, and it didn’t look like there had ever been a market there. We checked and rechecked the map location and we were very sure that we were in the right place. We then decided that we’d drive along a little bit, maybe it was in a slightly different location but in the same area (around Burj Khalifa) so we drove a bit, then stopped again to try looking again and that’s when we noticed the date on the flyer. 2015! Not 2016! 🙂 We immediately killed ourselves laughing and began thinking of something else to do on this fabulous Friday afternoon. Eventually Roomie said that she was determined to find the market for me and after a bit more Google searching Al found details about the 2016 event being held in Burj Park.

We had a vague idea of where that was so we decided to drive to that area and grab a bite to eat since our plan of eating at the market was now ruined and we were all starving.

We chose the Emaar Pavilion for lunch, and they were having a brunch deal on, being Friday and all, but booze-free. We weren’t quite sure on the brunch option but after having a look at the buffet we all decided it looked amazing and we got stuck into the food.

After we’d all stuffed our faces and enjoyed delicious food, which we finished off with coffee’s and a tea, we eventually asked the waiter where Burj Park was… and in the conversation he mentioned that they were having this market there! We’d found it!

So, we promptly paid the bill and headed over to the market.



Boy were we glad that we found it! The market isn’t huge but it has a great vibe about it. There was a stage set up which is for evening entertainment, and laid out in front of it are all the stalls selling everything from food to jewellery to shoes and soaps.

We browsed around the market for a while, stopping at most of the stalls to take a closer look at their goods, and ended up buying some gimmicky bits and bobs for JPEG, and I bought myself a stunning bracelet that is made right there at the stall. The artisan is Zeina Kabbara, and he has a company in Dubai – Zee Ateliers. Go check out the website for the huge collection of goods that they sell.

Zee Ateliers

Zee Ateliers

We ended off this fabulous Friday full of new things with an ice cream and headed on home for a quick nap before the evening antics began.

OTB Market in front of Burj Khalifa

OTB Market in front of Burj Khalifa


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