2016 Fitness goals

I’ve tried so many times over the last couple of years to take up one challenge or another – it’s been the thigh challenge, then it was an exercise-every-day challenge, the 1000-mile challenge and probably a few others in there too… so I will totally understand if you are shaking your head now reading the title – Fitness Goals.

It’s ok – go ahead and shake.

You finished? 😉

Right, this time I’m not going to promise to take part in any radical challenges, but something clicked in me towards the end of last year – around the end of September or so when I decided to join the gym – and since then I have been really good with my dedication to the gym, and it has helped my dedication to my running too (and it definitely helped that I was able to fit into my skinny jeans on the weekend!) 🙂

Things are a little crazy at the moment with the RAK half marathon looming in 3 weeks and I haven’t done the proper training for it that I usually do, but I am getting out there and doing lots and lots and lots and lots (get the idea?) of running, and I’m including lots of gym / kickboxing in the training schedules too.

And then once that is done and dusted, I am going to follow (to the best of my dedication) a weekly training schedule that includes a bunch of running, gym and kickboxing so that hopefully this year I really am able to run right through summer and not flake out at the end of it like I did last year, but it also allows for lots of social time because after all, I am a social bunny at heart.

So yes there will more than likely be the odd challenge that I take on (I’m still aiming to complete the 1000-mile challenge even though I’m quite far behind target), and it’s just fun to push myself a little bit harder every now and then 😉 And if you give me a challenge then maybe I’ll try it out and will publish my progress on it…?!


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