Christmas in South Africa

I’m finally starting to settle back into a routine here in the sandpit after what was definitely one of my favourite holidays back home – my first Christmas / Birthday / New Year back home in SEVEN YEARS!

So now it’s time to start catching up with blog posts…

I arrived in South Africa on 23 December and the next few days were quite crazy with seeing family,  my sister & her boyfriend adopting a puppy, Christmas celebrations, a bit of downtime, friends birthdays, friends arriving for visits, my birthday and then New Year.

After that things calmed down a huge amount while mostTattoo 2 of South Africa went back to work, and I spent a bunch of time doing some serious chilling with my family, getting tattoo number 2, shopping and visiting a game reserve for my animal fix. It was great to have a holiday where I came back feeling like I’d been on holiday.

Yes there were a few times that I got up early in the morning for a run, but many of the days were then spent doing extremely little around the house – sometimes only leaving home so that we could sit in the car (with air conditioning) and drive to the mall (where they have air conditioning). South Africa has been experiencing a little bit of a heat wave recently so people were using any excuse to leave houses where there generally is no air conditioning 😉

So, to cut a very long story short, here are a bunch of photos in a gallery which give you a very basic idea of my holiday… enjoy!

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