2015 racing comes to an end

This past Saturday I ran in my last race for 2015, but that doesn’t mean that running is over for the year… and  next year will hopefully be a much better year than this one was.

So, Saturday’s race – it was a 12 km race out at Meydan. I’ve run the 8 km route of this race a whole bunch of times, including getting my 8 km PB of 42 minutes in one of the races. But, I’ve not run the 12 km version of it so I was looking forward to how I’d fare in the race.

A few weeks back I ran 12 km’s at home and felt fab during the run so I knew that this one wouldn’t be too tough.

Friday was spent chilling on the couch at home, watching movie after movie after 4 episodes of Vampire Diaries 🙂 and then early to bed (oh, and don’t forget the carbo loading with ice cream that was thrown in 😉 )

My alarm went off at 5:30am on Saturday morning, much to Emmett’s disgust, but there was to be no cat-cuddling this morning. I hopped out of bed and got myself ready and headed out the door.

It was freezing! (Well, at least in Dubai terms it was… a cool 15 °C)

I arrived at the venue, did what I could to warm up in the chilly weather, and was then surprised when I heard my name being called and it was my friend Nat! We did some more warming up together and then headed for the start line.

At this stage I was feeling pretty neutral – there were pretty much no thoughts running through my head regarding this race.

We got counted down and headed off…. my first km was pretty fast at 5:28 so I knew I had to slow it down a touch, and did the 2nd one in 5:48. Much better.

But by the 3rd km, although my time was still decent, my head left the race completely. I just did.not.feel.like.being.there 😦 And I had only 9 km’s to go…. harrumph.

I kept putting one foot in front of the other, trying to just focus on my music so that I wasn’t thinking about the race, and got friendly waves from Nat each time we ran past each other (she was way up ahead of me). 4 km’s done, 7 km’s done, 8 km’s – final lap of the 4 km loop.

I just kept going because at this stage I knew that if I stopped I’d actually give up so I pushed… and eventually turned the last corner – only to hear Nat calling my name from the side line. What a relief 🙂

I managed to cross the finish line in 1:05:something-or-the-other which I was very happy with considering how mentally awful this race was for me. But to make it a little bitter-sweet, I came in 5th out of my age group 🙂

I now have a few runs left while in Dubai, and then will get some runs in while in Johannesburg for the Christmas holidays too – and then the big focus comes for RAK Half Marathon 2016. Their 10 year anniversary! I have to do well in this one!

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