# 49 – Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree (post 9 Dec)

Well, obviously I’ve seen a Christmas tree before, so no, a Christmas tree is not something new this week 😉

BUT, I’ve never been to the lighting of a Christmas tree before, and certainly not with a little girl who is super excited about Christmas (other than me!)

We arrived there straight from work and I was absolutely gobsmacked to see how busy the place was – not a single table or chair in sight for us to sit on… but we eventually found some very friendly people who shared their table with us while we ate dinner and got a bit in the mood with Christmas music, and a beer 🙂

I had this whole idea in my head that it would be a huge fanfare so when it was literally just the guy flicking a switch and on came the lights, I was a touch disappointed… but the night was made special because I was there with little D, her mom, and my Al. And the venue was absolutely packed, they had a choir singing Christmas carols, people wearing Christmas jumpers (something we don’t do much of in South Africa since it’s summer at Christmas) and just in general it was a lovely (and chilly!) night out.

Here are a few photos I snapped – I really should have taken some of the jumpers too… next time!



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