A bit of unexpected down time…

The last two weeks have seen me being forced to take some down time, whether I wanted to or not – and it’s been darn annoying!

Week 1 – Sunday 15 November

I strain a tendon in my hip flexor at kickboxing on Sunday night. It hurts like hell! hip flexorI had scheduled in a nice long 16km run for Monday night in preparation for a half marathon that I signed up to run on 4 December. The 16km run was not going to happen, considering I could barely walk at work on Monday 😦 But I did manage to do a 2km run just to test it out. By Wednesday I was back to normal and pulled out a fabulous 5km run (27:45) at the autodrome. Half marathon was again in sight… just need to get a long run in next week.


Week 2 – Sunday 22 November 

This actually started on the Thursday, 19 November… I woke up feeling ever so slightly ill, so I immediately took some honey-lemon and spent the day on strepsils etc. But by the time I woke up on Friday there was a full-blown cough happening which was not good. I opted to pull out of the Colour run that I had signed up for (I think my friends thought I was lying to them because by this stage I wasn’t coughing very much but I followed the runner’s rule: If it’s above the neck, without fever or pain, you can run. If it’s below the neck, no matter what, you DON’T RUN.) By Saturday things were getting worse so I made the first available appointment with my doctor – Sunday morning. I head off to see him and get the bad news: BRONCHITIS 😥 “No exercise all week” he says. Bye bye half marathon – I didn’t want to risk running it with only a 12km under my belt so far this season and potentially injure myself… my goal is always the RAK Half marathon in Feb so I’m keeping my sights on that one.


It’s now Week 3 – 29 November and I’m still coughing and spluttering all over the place, but I am going to attempt gym this evening. Nothing too stressful, just a few weights and stuff because it’s been 10 days since I did anything! Hopefully this goes away VERY quickly!

Stoopid sickness will not keep me down!

get up


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