Parlotones play at Party in the Park

6 years ago The Parlotones were booked to play at an event “Sound Stage” at Irish Village in Dubai. I was so excited! I rounded up a bunch of friends (including a boy who I was trying to impress so it had to be awesome 😉 ) and we made a day of the event.

We found a comfy little spot on the grass, ordered some cold beers and some good food and sat around enjoying the live music and cooler November climes.

At one point there was a little buzz going on and upon asking around, we found out that 2 of the 4 Parlotones members were possibly not going to be at the show – they had visa issues! Silly South African passport 😦 Anyway, the other 2 members made it to the event (luckily it was the lead singer and the drummer) and put on a great show for us, considering the unfortunate circumstances that they were playing in.

But that was then, this is now…  This past weekend the Parlotones were headlining at Party in the Park, alongside the likes of Razorlight and Stereophonics – it was bound to be an epic event!

So, once again I gather up some friends (unfortunately no boys to impress this time, but a few non-Saffer friends!) and we head off to make a day of the event. We find our comfy spot, order cold beers, munch on good food and enjoy the live music of some local bands.

We muck about during the day, visiting some of the flea market stalls and even take part in jumping off a 6m platform onto a blow-up airbed type of thing… great ways to entertain everyone who is there for the long haul 🙂

Here’s a video of my friend and I jumping 😛

And then, off in the distance of the crowd I spot him – one of the (South African passport holding) members of the Parlotones…. they all got in this time!

Glen Hodgson

Glen Hodgson

I rounded up some of my friends and headed to the front of the stage – no way was I going to be at the back for this concert 😉

They came on stage and from the word go they were awesome! Playing a few songs from their latest album, but 90% of the songs were the oldies mixed with some of the new-ish, very popular ones! A perfect set list! I didn’t want it to end… but end it did, and they made way for the other headline bands who also put on absolutely amazing shows!



All in all it was a great day out – a very well organised event from the ease of buying beers & food, to having enough toilets available and a fantastic line up of live music!

Party in the Park – I will be back!


6 thoughts on “Parlotones play at Party in the Park

  1. hey you! 🙂 we were there as well. you know what we’ve never heard of the parlotones before that night (don’t be mad!) but they are really good ay!!! the atmosphere at dubai amphitheatre’s always so good, there should be gigs there all th time whilst the weather’s nice..hehehe!


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