I’m still a runner!

Lately this blog of mine has been taken over by photo challenges. Now, that’s not a bad thing because I love taking photos and sharing them has (and will continue to be) great fun, but it has distracted me from one of the other large parts of this blog – my running!

I’m still doing plenty of it – most weeks I’m doing 3 – 4 runs a week, and while they might not be lengthy runs, they are becoming more and more enjoyable 🙂

Last night I decided to stretch the legs a whole bunch and went on a slow 12 km run… and loved every second of it! I even got to test out a new pre-run fuel which I was a little concerned about… I’ve been eating oats for most breakfasts lately, but yesterday I was starving at about 4pm so I quickly had a bowl of oats to tide me over for the run. Oats are typically high in fiber though which can cause problems on a runners’ stomach. But I was pleased as punch to arrive home after 12 km’s with absolutely no issues to report of! And I was feeling super strong too – I think my kickboxing and the addition of gym lately is definitely helping 🙂

Running around JVC

Running around JVC

Fairly consistent pace :)

Fairly consistent pace 🙂

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